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PNAS paper on cpdn results
Wed, 18 Jul 2007

Chris Knight, together with various members of the cpdn team, have published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which looks at what factors most effect the result that a climate model gives, using data from the first, 3 phase, slab ocean experiments (see ) Reassuringly, the paper finds that model parameters matter much more than what computer you happen to run the model on. The paper has received a mention in 'The Economist' ( ) and Environmental Research Web ( http://www.environmentalresearch ... icle/research/30501 ) It has already appeared as an 'early edition' and will probably be in next weeks PNAS. Unfortunately, unless you subscribe to PNAS, you wont be able to view the paper there for 6 months, so follow the link at the bottom to see a pre-publication version of the paper.


克里斯爵士,以及其他各种各样的CPDN团队成员,共同在国家科学院学报(PNAS)上刊登了一篇文章,其内容是关于什么是气候模型中最重要的参数,其使用的数据是第一实验的三个阶段(译者注:CPDN实验分为两个实验,第一实验是研究过去的历史数据以分析和找出合适的气候模型参数范围,第二实验是对未来的气候进行假象预测,其中第一实验又分为三个部分:标准、工业化前的二氧化碳对气候的影响和工业化后二氧化碳的影响加速趋势),以及洋流实验(参见。文中表示,气候模型的计算因素比你在电脑上计算的还要多。“经济学家”网(和环境调查网( http://www.environmentalresearch ... icle/research/30501)都刊登了这篇文章。它还被刊登在“early edition'”上,并可能出现在下周的PNAS。不幸的是,除非你订阅了PNAS,否则你在六个月内都不能看到这篇文章,不过可以通过底下的这个连接来访问它在刊登以前的版本。(译者注:该版本的连接是

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这个 项目 真的是很久阿
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这个 项目 真的是很久阿

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这个项目也可以 像CPDN一样算一段给分吗?
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Oxford University server maintenance
Tue, 31 Jul 2007

On the 11th of August Oxford University will be shutting off the power to its computing services' server room for a routine electrical inspection (this happens every 5 years). The server room houses the CPDN servers, so there will be no service for at least the first half of that day, and possibly longer.
We expect our servers to be fully functioning again by Monday morning at the latest.

2007年7月31日 星期二


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BBC experiment wins Prix Europa
Mon, 22 Oct 2007

The BBC Climate Change Experiment has won the internet category of the Prix Europa, a pan-European media award. More details can be seen on the Prix Europa website. We would like to thank once again our BBC participants for all their efforts towards making this possible.

BBC实验项目赢得Prix Europa奖
2007年10月22日 星期一
BBC气候变化实验赢得了由泛欧媒体颁发的国际性的奖项Prix Europa奖。更多的细节可以登陆Prix Europa奖的网站查询。我们再一次诚挚的感谢我们BBC项目的志愿者,正是你们的努力才使得这一切成为可能。


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21 December, 2007

Please note that no new work will be issued for the Seasonal Attribution project from this site. But, we will be migrating this project to the main site at as soon as possible, and some hadam3 models have already become available there. We also plan to move on to the next phase of this project shortly.
We'd like to thank all our participants for their valuable work so far.



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National Science Week: CPDN forms part of Oxford University Science Roadshow
Fri, 14 Mar 2008
As part of National Science Week was delighted to form part of a new Oxford University initiative, the Oxford University Science Roadshow. Representatives from various of the University's science departments went on tour to several venues around Oxfordshire. visited King Alfred's School in Wantage, where Coordinator Suzanne Rosier led two hours of workshops for Year 11 students and Principal Investigator Myles Allen delivered an evening public lecture entitled `Climate Change: Where To From Here?'.

作为国家科学周的一项活动,译者注:CPDN项目的官方全称)有幸受邀参加牛津大学科学路演(展示)活动。这项巡回活动是牛津大学的几个科学院系的传统经典活动,活动地点在牛津郡的几个集会地点。Climateprediction.net拜访了在Wantage(不知道怎么翻)的阿尔佛雷德国王学校(King Alfred's School),……首席研究员 Myles Allen (译者注:CPDN的老大级人物)发表了题为“气候变化:我们将去向何方(或者前路在哪里……, Where To From Here,不知道怎么翻译)”的公开演讲。 at the Royal Society, London
Mon, 7 Apr 2008
CPDN was well represented at the Royal Society Discussion Meeting `The Environmental e-Science Revolution'. Principal Investigator Dr. Myles Allen's presentation at this well-attended meeting was accompanied by a demonstration booth showcasing CPDN's results and capabilities.

在主题为“环境科学革命”的皇家学会讨论会上,CPDN表现得非常好。首席研究员 Myles Allen 博士出席了这一盛会,会上陈列了CPDN项目的研究成果,展示了CPDN的能力。

CPDN at Matthew Arnold School Environment Day
Fri, 13 Jun 2008
Matthew Arnold School in Cumnor, Oxford, held its first Environment Day, in which various activities encouraged students to think about their impact on the environment and ways in which they could minimise consumption and help us move towards a more sustainable future. The day began with a general presentation by CPDN Coordinator Suzanne Rosier, in which the project featured. The day was rounded off with the presentation of prizes and a talk on future energy use by Dr. Katherine Blundell, also of Oxford University's Physics Department.

CPDN在Matthew Arnold学校的环境教育日
在牛津的Cumnor的Matthew Arnold学校的一个环境教育日,让学生思考一下怎么减少肺病,以及如何可持续发展等环境问题。活动先由CPDN的协调人Suzanne Rosier对CPDN做了一个简介,并由牛津大学的物理系的Katherine Blundell博士谈了未来能源。

CPDN receives plug at IOP workshop for Physics teachers
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 received a big plug when Coordinator Suzanne Rosier spoke on climate change at an Institute of Physics workshop for Physics teachers held in the Physics Department of Oxford University. Around a hundred teachers attended the presentation, in which CPDN results were shown and the capabilities of the project highlighted. In particular new links were forged which it is hoped will facilitate the planned expansion of CPDN's schools outreach programme.

在牛津大学物理系举办的物理学院教师学术研讨会上,主持人 Suzanne Rosier 给 做了一个很好的宣传。大约有一百名教师参加了这场展示了 CPDN 目前获得的结果和能力的讲座。特别地,这场讲座也建立了一些对 CPDN 在学校中传播的计划有帮助的联系。

33 million model years and counting ...
Tue, 1 Jul 2008
CPDN recently passed the impressive milestone of 33 million model years. Continued thanks to all participants for making this tremendously valuable resource possible.


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3千3百万模型年   不错继续加油努力
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PHP Board Maintenance, 15th August
Wed, Aug 13 2008

The CPDN PHP board may experience some disruption on Friday the 15th of August due to moving to a new server. The CPDN BOINC board will not be affected.
Thanks in advance for your patience during this process.


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New Application Added
Thu, 4 Sep 2008  

We've added the UK Met Office HADSM3 Mid-Holocene (hadsm3mh) application to those available, and more information on the research involving this model will be available shortly.  

好象是有新的 UK Met Office HADSM3 Mid-Holocene (hadsm3mh)模型要开动计算了。新的消息将后续披露。


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