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look out for CPDN on the BBC

look out for CPDN on the BBC
Mon, 13 Mar 2006
The BBC 4 programmes will be repeated on BBC tomorrow (14th) - 'Meltdown' featuring Myles and an introduction to the new experiment at 2000, and 'Climate Conspiracy or Global Catastrophe?' featuring Dave Frame talking about the press coverage of our first results paper at 2320. In addition, Myles will be on BBC breakfast at 0720. I'm afraid that these programmes will only be viewable by those in the UK, sorry...

2006年3月13日 星期一
BBC的4个节目将在明天(14日)重播,20:00播放“Meltdown”,介绍Myles和一个新实验,而在23:20的 first results paper节目中将播放“气候的阴谋还是全球的灾难?”,介绍Dave Frame谈到的压力覆盖。另外,Myles将出现在BBC在7:20的早间报导时间。不过非常抱歉,可能只有英国的观众可以看到这些节目……

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另外,这个实验是从2000年4月1日开始模拟,每144TS也就是模拟的一天。大概是每5天即720TS上报一次,得到的积 ...
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Error discovered in the BBC Climate Change Experiment

Error discovered in the BBC Climate Change Experiment

I regret to announce that we've recently discovered a major error in one of the files used by the climate model. The file in question specifies levels of man-made sulphate emissions but due to a problem with the file specification, models have been inputting greatly reduced levels throughout their runtime. The consequence of this is that aerosols responsible for "global dimming" (cooling) are not present in sufficient amounts and models have tended to warm up too quickly. The file specification error is also responsible for causing models to crash in 2013 which is how we originally came across the problem.

Unfortunately, all the data returned to us so far has been affected by this problem. While the data is scientifically very useful, and will certainly form the basis of future research (it allows us to investigate the full effect of greenhouse gas emissions without global dimming), it doesn't enable us to compare the models' performance against real world observations of the 20th century since such an important component is missing. In order to do the experiment we intended, we unfortunately have no choice but to start models again from the beginning.

So what now? We've spent the last few days fixing the error and we're in the process of generating and testing new model versions which should be ready in the next week or so. We very much hope you'll be prepared to keep running with us and, if so, all you need do is keep running your existing experiment and you will be automatically upgraded to a new model version next time you connect to our server via the automated system. We've removed all the old model versions so if you're waiting for a new workunit, they should be available within the week.

Apologies to all our participants on behalf of the CPDN team, it's a big disappointment to have to give you this news.


Unfortunately there was a major error in a file used on the recent coupled model experiment (the BBC experiment as well as those running 'hadcm3l' on the regular CPDN/BOINC site. A full explanation is in the link below; but basically the runs are going to be reset automatically so participants will get new, corrected models to download. We apologize for the inconvenience.



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CPDN Scientist David Frame on New 'Nature' Paper

CPDN Scientist David Frame on New 'Nature' Paper
Thu, 04 May 2006 scientist and former Project Coordinator Dr. David Frame is on a new paper published in the 20 April '06 issue of the science journal 'Nature' entitled 'Climate sensitivity constrained by temperature reconstructions over the past seven centuries.' The abstract follows: The magnitude and impact of future global warming depends on the sensitivity of the climate system to changes in greenhouse gas concentrations. The commonly accepted range for the equilibrium global mean temperature change in response to a doubling of the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration1, termed climate sensitivity, is 1.5–4.5 K (ref. 2). A number of observational studies3–10, however, find a substantial probability of significantly higher sensitivities, yielding upper limits on climate sensitivity of 7.7K to above 9 K (refs 3–8). Here we demonstrate that such observational estimates of climate sensitivity can be tightened if reconstructions of Northern Hemisphere temperature over the past several centuries are considered. We use large-ensemble energy balance modelling and simulate the temperature response to past solar, volcanic and greenhouse gas forcing to determine which climate sensitivities yield simulations that are in agreement with proxy reconstructions. After accounting for the uncertainty in reconstructions and estimates of past external forcing, we find an independent estimate of climate sensitivity that is very similar to those from instrumental data. If the latter are combined with the result from all proxy reconstructions, then the 5–95 per cent range shrinks to 1.5–6.2 K, thus substantially reducing the probability of very high climate sensitivity.

CPDN科学家David Frame的文章被刊登在最新的一期《自然》杂志上
在2006年4月20日的定期科学刊物《自然》杂志上刊登了CPDN项目的科学家,以前的项目协调者,David Frame博士的一篇名为'Climate sensitivity constrained by temperature reconstructions over the past seven centuries.' (大概的意思是,关于过去七个世纪中的气温灵敏度模型的重新构造。MY GOD,天知道这是篇什么论文)的文章。其主要内容是:……(此处略去N字,总之是很牛,很专业了,请更牛更专业的朋友阅读英文原文)。

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BBC 'climate chaos' season starts tonight

BBC 'climate chaos' season starts tonight
Wed, 24 May 2006

For those in the U.K., a chance to see a series of programmes about climate change, including an update on the experiment's progress.
BBC “‘气候混沌’栏目”今晚开始


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CPDN Open Day 2006

CPDN Open Day 2006
Wed, 21 Jun 2006

Following on from the success of the project open day in 2004, and the Royal Society exhibit last year, we've decided to make this summer's project open day a 'virtual' one - so that more participants have a chance to be involved. Key project staff and students will be recording talks which will be put up on the web site from the end of July. Watch the boards for opportunities to ask questions or make points you would like to see addressed in the talks. Hopefully, the boards will also provide opportunities for discussion after the talks are broadcast.


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Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance
Thu, 29 Jun 2006

We'll be making some necessary server migration on Friday afternoon (June 30th) between 2 and 3.30 PM. There will be a brief downtime during this period. We will have things back up as soon as possible.


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