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October 5, 2005

The Einstein@Home webapges will be upgraded over the next few hours. Please report any problems in the Problems and Bug Reports message board.



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October 7, 2005

The Einstein@Home webapges were just upgraded to the latest boinc version.
Please report any problems in the Problems and Bug Reports message board.



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November 10, 2005

Einstein@Home will be shutdown at 10:00 UTC on Sunday Nov 27 and should be back on within three hours. This maintenance time will be used to add larger disks to the database server. The extra space will be used to store backups and future results.



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November 28, 2005

The database upgrade was successful and took about one hour.



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December 23, 2005

After almost five months of development and private testing, Einstein@Home will begin public testing and distribution of a new search application called "Albert". This is an improved and more sensitive version of the previous search code. Initially we will send out only a few hundred workunits for this new search, but if these are successful, we will begin broader distribution of these new workunits over the coming few days. If unexpected problems arise, please be patient, and look in the Problems and Bug Reports message board for additional information.



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May be it is the new test WU! ?
this not mine,will you get?check your WU:)
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Bruce Allen关于新程序的说明:

- The new WU have different execution times, typically ranging from about 25% to 100% the previous execution times

- The new WU application incorporates all BOINC graphics and other bug fixes to date

- The new WU application has a slightly re-arranged screensaver, which includes our top wish-list item: a real time clock

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December 25, 2005

The new "Albert" search application seems to be working very well, so we are beginning to distribute thousands of "Albert" workunits. For more information, please see the this thread in the message boards. Happy holidays!!



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1) We wouldn't have been lucky enough to get FLOPS counting this time around would we?

No, but I'll take a quick look at the API, and implement this if it's easy.


2) Are the improved run times from optimized compiles for windows?

The compilation process is no more and no less optimized than before. The differences in run times come about because we are now using a sky search grid and frequency band which depends upon frequency. This makes it impossible for all workunits to be the same length.


3) Is the Mac version still using Altiec?

Yes, the Mac version still uses Altivec optimization if the CPU supports the Altivec instruction set.


4) I got one running right now by the way (thanks), and it is hard to tell over RealVNC, but the graphics looks like they are a little "prettier". Estimated run time is ~3 hours so that looks like about 25% of the prior (though I am only 13% through).

If you have a real-time clock in the upper right hand corner of the screensaver/graphics screen and the wording in the corners has slightly cleaner layout, then yes, you are running 'Albert'.


5) Will we be switching back and forth between Einstein and Albert apps?

Yes, for some time now, until we are sure that the Albert app is working as required.


6) Does the Albert application have its own number (like 4.80) or is it still 4.79?

The Albert app has its own number and name. You will know you are running this by seeing what the name of the application is in the BOINC manager, or in the title bar of the graphics window. See the list of applications for more info.


7) Is there any way we can download the new Albert application?

No. What work (and hence, what application) your computer gets is determined by chance. The 'scheduler' decides this when work is sent out.



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2005-12-26 22:22:55 [Einstein@Home] Started download of albert_4.37_windows_intelx86.exe
2005-12-26 22:22:55 [Einstein@Home] Started download of albert_4.37_windows_intelx86.pdb
2005-12-26 22:30:57 [Einstein@Home] Started download of skygrid_1090_r_T09.dat
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January 2, 2006

A report on the final results of the Einstein@Home S3 search may be found in a talk given by Bruce Allen on behalf of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration at the 10th annual Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop.

关于S3阶段研究的最终报告,由Bruce Allen代表LIGO科学协作组在第十届年度引力波数据分析会议上提交。


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January 14, 2006

Einstein@Home is now distributing an experimental application for Solaris (on SPARC). This has no graphics yet, but we hope to have a graphical version ready soon. Please report problems or success on this message board thread.



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January 27, 2006

The Einstein@Home project now has more than 100,000 users with computing credit. But at the present rate, our current S4 search will take more than 200 days to complete, so please ask your friends and colleagues to sign up!



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Improved S4 search progress
Total needed       Already done     Work still remaining
6,731,410 units   1,306,741 units 5,424,669 units
100 %                  19.413 %          80.587 %
232.5 days          45.1 days          187.4 days (estimated)


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February 7, 2006

Due to a scripting error, some Einstein@Home users received an email message addressed to 'ballen' with a lengthy (repeated) 'how to opt-out of future emails' tail at the end. We apologize for this.



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