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翻译自 BOINC Help

This page contains solutions to some common problems. Other help resources:



在 Windows 操作系统中安装可能出现的问题

In rare cases, installation may fail because of an existing installation of BOINC. If this happens:

  • Quit BOINC if it's running, and uninstall BOINC using Start/Control Panel/Add and remove programs. Install the new version again.
  • If that fails, reinstall the version of BOINC you were previously running (you can get an older version from the download page). Uninstall it, then install the new version.
  • If that fails, download the Windows Install Clean Up utility from Microsoft and run it. The old BOINC version shows up as either BOINC.msi or as a corrupt icon .msi (it'll be the top option). Click on it to select, then click Remove and Exit. Reboot your computer. Install the new version. (Warning: leave all other .msi files as they are, otherwise you will have problems uninstalling other programs).


在一些罕见的情况下,安装过程可能由于一个已经存在的 BOINC 安装而无法完成。如果这个发生了,请参考以下操作:

  • 退出BOINC(如果 BOINC正在运行的话),在我的电脑/控制面板/添加或删除程序中卸载 BOINC,再重新安装 BOINC。
  • 如果不能奏效,重新安装您之前运行的旧版本 BOINC (您可以在这里取得旧版本的 BOINC 安装程序),完成后卸载,再安装新版本的 BOINC。
  • 如果还是不能奏效,请下载 Windows Install Clean Up 工具并运行。旧版本的 BOINC 会被显示为 BOINC.msi 或者一个提示错误的图标(这种情形下在窗口的顶部),选择它,再单击“卸载”并退出。重新启动系统,安装新版本的 BOINC。(警告:保留所有其余 .msi 文件,否则您将在卸载其余软件时遇到问题)


If you try to attach to a project that's down, you'll get a Project temporarily unavailable error. Wait a while, then try again.

If you get a Network communication failure, it means BOINC can't do any communication at all. The likely problems are:

  • Connectivity: you don't have a network connection. Check your network or modem connection (if your web browser can get to outside sites, this is not the problem). See this information on Windows networking troubleshooting from Microsoft website.
  • Personal firewall software (ZoneAlarm, Norton Personal Firewall, McAfee, etc.) is blocking BOINC.
    • The first time you run BOINC, your personal firewall will bring up a dialog asking if boincmgr.exe and boinc.exe should be allowed to communicate (say yes).
    • If this dialog doesn't appear, bring up your personal firewall program and add an 'exception' entry allowing BOINC to communicate. If it already has an entry for BOINC, delete it. Detail vary between firewall packages.
    • You may have accidentally installed more than one firewall. Uninstall or disable all but the primary one.
  • Proxy server: there are two kinds of proxies, HTTP and SOCKS. You may be using one or both. Most home computers do not use proxies. To find out if you're using a proxy, look at the Internet settings of your web browser. (Firefox: Tools/Options/General/Connection Settings; Internet Explorer: Tools/Internet Options/Connections/Settings). Copy the settings there (server, port, etc.) to the BOINC dialog.
  • (Windows) SETI@home: if it appears to attach OK, but the Messages tab has repeated shared memory error messages from the server: uninstall BOINC and delete the install directory (typically C:\Program Files\BOINC). Reinstall BOINC, but in a different directory (such as C:\Program Files\BOINC2).
  • Some DSL customers in the UK report needing to set MTU=1492 in their modem/router and rebooting it.


如果您尝试加入一个暂时无法访问的项目,您将会收到 Project temporarily unavailable (项目已暂停服务) 的错误信息,请等待一会儿再试。

如果您收到 Network communication failure (网络通讯失败) 的错误信息,那么这意味着 BOINC 完全无法完成网络通信。比较有可能的原因有:

  • 网络连接:您没有连接到网络上,请检查网络连接,请参考微软的Windows 网络问题疑难解答。如果您的网络浏览器可以访问外部网站,请跳过这一步。
  • 个人防火墙软件(如 ZoneAlarm、Norton Personal Firewall、McAfee 等)阻止了 BOINC 访问网络。
    • 您第一次运行 BOINC 的时候,您的个人防火墙将会弹出一个对话框以询问 boincmgr.exe 和 boinc.exe 能否访问网络(请选择是)
    • 如果没有弹出这样的对话框,请打开您的个人防火墙界面,添加“例外”规则以允许 BOINC 访问网络。如果已经存在针对 BOINC 的规则,请删除它。详细步骤由于防火墙的不同而不同,就不一一说明了。
    • 您可能安装了多于一个防火墙,请删除或者屏蔽以使同一时间只有一个防火墙在运行。
  • 代理服务器:BOINC 能够使用 HTTP 和 SOCKS 代理服务器。您可以使用一种或者两种都使用(当然可以不使用)。多数家庭用户不使用代理服务器。您可以通过网络浏览器的设置来确认是否使用了代理服务器(FireFox 中:工具/选项/综合设置/连接设置 (我没有 FireFox,翻译出来可能有些问题);Internet Explorer 中:工具/ Internet 选项/连接/设置)。把其中的设置(服务器 IP 地址、端口等)复制到 BOINC 对话框中。
  • (Windows 中出现的问题)在加入 SETI@home 时,如果看起来成功加入项目,但是“消息”框中反复地出现 shared memory error 错误消息。请完成如下操作:卸载 BOINC 并删除 BOINC 安装目录(一般是 C:\Program Files\BOINC),重新安装 BOINC,但是请安装到不同的目录(如 C:\Program Files\BOINC2)
  • 一些在英国使用 DSL 的用户报告需要在 modem 或者路由器中把 MTU 设置为 1492,并重新启动。

在 Windows 上运行 BOINC 时出现问题

Can't delete previous state file; Access is denied. 

in your message log, you're probably running a program that is accessing files and keeping them locked for long periods. Try using Microsoft's FileMon utility to discover what the offending program is, then configure it to not access files in the BOINC directory. Known problems: TSVNCache (part of TortoiseSVN).

  • (Vista) If BOINC applications fail each time you shut down your computer, copy the following text and paste it into the Notepad window, called !WaitToKill.reg:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The 20000 is 20 seconds. Increase/decrease to your liking. To add this to the registry double-click the file. The UAC will come up, press continue, press Yes on the next window and OK on the one thereafter. You need to reboot to make the changes have effect.


Can't delete previous state file; Access is denied. 

错误信息, 您很有可能正在运行一个访问并长时间锁定文件的程序。请尝试使用微软的FileMon 工具来找出是哪个“捣蛋”的程序,然后设置使其不访问 BOINC 安装文件夹中的文件。已知 TSVNCache(TortoiseSVN的一部分)会导致此问题。

  • (Vista中)如果您每次关闭计算机时 BOINC 都会崩溃,您可以将下面的文本复制到“记事本”程序,并另存为 !WaitToKill.reg。
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


其中 20000 表示 20 秒,您可以按照您的意愿增大或减小这个数值。双击这个文件以将其导入到注册表中。然后 UAC 确认窗口将出现,请单击“继续”和“确认”按钮。您需要重新启动系统以使这些改变生效。

使用 AOL 连接网络时出现的问题

On 20 December 2006 we investigated a problem with the following symptoms:

  • The BOINC client connects to some projects but scheduler requests return an error message saying
Project encountered internal error: shared memory
  • The BOINC client fails to attach to other projects, giving the error message:
The URL you supplied is not that of a BOINC-based project.

We believe that this problem only affects people connected to the Internet using AOL, and that it is caused by the AOL software. We were able to work around the problem as follows:

  • Reinstall BOINC. When asked what directory to install in, select
C:\Program Files\BOINC2

(or any name other than BOINC).

Note: you must install to a new directory. It doesn't work to rename BOINC to BOINC2, then install.


2006 年 12 月 20 日我们研究了一个问题,这个问题有以下特征:

  • BOINC 客户端成功连接到某些项目,但是计划请求返回了如下的错误信息:
Project encountered internal error: shared memory
  • BOINC 客户端无法连接到其它项目,并给出如下错误信息:
The URL you supplied is not that of a BOINC-based project.

我们相信这个问题只会影响使用 AOL 连接到网络的用户,而且这个是由 AOL 软件引起的。 我们可以通过以下方法解决这个问题:

  • 重新安装 BOINC,当安装程序询问安装目录的时候,选择
C:\Program Files\BOINC2

(或者其它不是 BOINC 命名的目录)。

注意: 您必须安装到一个全新的目录,将 BOINC重命名为 BOINC2 再重新安装 BOINC 的做法无效。

在 Linux 上运行 BOINC 时出现问题

  • If the web site buttons in the Manager don't work, make sure your $BROWSER environment variable is set.
  • If BOINC produces as error message of the form
boinc_client: /lib/ version 'GLIBC_2.2' not found (required by ./boinc_client)

then you need to install a newer version of libc.


  • 如果 BOINC 界面上的链接按钮失效,请确认环境变量 $BROWSER 已经设置。
  • 如果 BOINC 给出如下错误信息:
boinc_client: /lib/ version 'GLIBC_2.2' not found (required by ./boinc_client)

您需要安装新版本的 libc。

在所有平台运行 BOINC 时可能出现的问题

  • If you get repeated 'bad checksum' or 'wrong size' errors on downloaded JPEG image files, check the 'Skip image file verification' checkbox in your preferences. Typically this means your ISP is using something called UMTS, which does extra compression of JPEG files.
  • If you have a problem with a particular project, go to the 'Questions and Answers' area of the project's web site. You may find the solution to your problem. If not, post it there, and you'll get help from other users. If the problem persists, use the BOINC Manager to 'reset' that project. This will erase any jobs in progress and start from scratch.
  • If you see an error like
2007-06-08 14:33:56 [---] Can't delete previous state file; The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. (0x570)

then back up your BOINC directory and run chkdsk (Windows) or fsck (Unix) on the drive containing it. If files are irretrievably lost, create a new BOINC directory and reattach all projects.


  • 如果您在 BOINC 下载 JPEG 图像文件时反复收到“bad checksum”或者“wrong size”的错误信息,请在您项目的参数设置中选中“Skip image file verification”复选框。一般地说,这个意味着您的网络服务提供商使用了UMTS 的技术,使 JPEG 文件被进一步压缩。
  • 如果您在一个特定项目上遇到问题,请访问该项目的网站的“Questions and Answers”。您可能找到解决这个问题的方法;如果您找不到,请将问题帖在上面,您将会得到其他用户的帮助。如果此问题持续,请使用 BOINC 管理器的“重置项目”功能,这将会删除所有正在计算的任务并且重新开始。
  • 如果您看到了如下的错误信息:
2007-06-08 14:33:56 [---] Can't delete previous state file; The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. (0x570)

请备份您的 BOINC 安装文件夹并且运行 Windows 中的 chkdsk 或者 Unix 中的 fsck 命令,以检查包含这个文件夹的分区。如果文件无法恢复,请创建一个新的 BOINC 文件夹并且重新加入项目。


If all else fails, you may need to report a bug. Bug reports are not for general troubleshooting. Please discuss the bug on the message boards and gather as much information as you can before submitting your report.


如果上面提及的都没有用处,您可能需要报告错误。这不是给普通的疑难解答设置的。请在BOINC 留言板上讨论错误,并且请在报告错误前收集尽可能多的信息。