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Recent Problems with the Database
Excuse us for a while...

It appears that the server became unresponsive shortly after everyone left for Thanksgiving break. We've determined that the SQL database is melting down and monopolizing system resources, and we are currently pursuing a solution.

If everything goes well, Matthew A. will have us back up tonight. If not, it could be another day or 2 before things stabilize.

We are in the process of ordering a new server - we hope to transition over the winter break.

We'll keep you posted.

Matthew N 29 Nov 2011 | 21:08:38 UTC

当我们所有人离开去享受感恩节假期时,(我们的)服务器出现了短暂的无法响应的问题。经过检测我们发现,SQL数据库melt down并且占据了系统资源。我们现在正在着手解决。如果顺利的话,Matthew A(这句有些不明白什么意思)今晚将让我们(完成)备份,不顺利的话,可能还需要1-2天让系统稳定。我们正在采购新的服务器,我们希望寒假能够完成(系统,数据)转移。

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N-body updated to 0.80
I've updated all the N-body applications to 0.80.

These add a new kind of likelihood calculation (and soon validation method) we're probably going to switch to using that will allow adding GPU versions sometime in the near future (the GPU version is pretty much ready to go, but we need to fiddle with these kinds of issues first).

Since the n-body is statistical, for any simulation the result can be anywhere in a distribution. So far for validation we have relied on the results from any 2 system being identical, but this is more problematic when you try to include GPUs. The new results should be "fuzzier" and more resistant to some other types potential problems the old likelihood calculation could have.
9 Dec 2011 | 3:27:35 UTC

N-body 计算程序新版本0.80发布。

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Hi Everyone,

The new server is in, and we'll be migrating everything over to it this week. We expect to have everything done Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We are expecting to be able to move the entire database over, so we don't expect that you'll lose any work or credit during the transition. Sometime along the way we'll be shutting down the old server for a period of time while we migrate the database over, and redirect milkyway.cs.rpi.edu over to the new machine.

We'll be trying to make it as seamless and painless as possible for everyone. Hopefully this will solve a lot of our crashing issues as well.


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Remainder of the Double Credits: A Valentine's Day Present
A few weeks ago, we ran double credits in order to make up for a database error that occurred earlier in 2011. Unfortunately, the server crashed with just 12 hours left until the make-up credits were finished.

Now that the new server is up and running (and stable! very stable!), and everyone here is back from travels and winter break, we are ready to finish running those last 12 hours of double make-up credits.

If there are no significant objections, we'll run the double credits on St. Valentine's Day (February 14), from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, US Eastern time (EST). This corresponds to 3pm (Feb14)-3am (Feb15) UTC.

Happy crunching!

5 Feb 2012 | 3:25:39 UTC


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8 Feb
Separation updated to 1.00
I've updated all of the separation applications to 1.00. For changes people might care about,

- The old CAL version is gone; it's replaced with the OpenCL application. On AMD/ATI GPUs (older than 79xx) it is using some hackery to use the same IL kernel as before so it should be as fast. However this also means the Radeon 38xx cards aren't supported with new stuff.

- Radeon 79xx stuff should work

- The occasional validate errors from empty / truncated stderr should stop

- AVX will be used if available on Linux and Windows (64 bit only for Windows)

- I've increased the default GPU target frequency so GPU stuff should make things less laggy on average. You can now also configure this with the web preferences now so you don't need to use app_info stuff if you want to play with that.

- Partial workaround with high CPU usage with recent Nvidia drivers.*

As usual post problems you run into here.

* It should cut down on the CPU usage a bit while not sacrificing too much. I would recommend not using it unless you are very unhappy with the CPU usage on Nvidia. There are options to change the polling mode if you want to lower the CPU usage further while not slowing it down. (--gpu-wait-factor (default = 0.75) and --gpu-polling-mode (default = - 2) work similarly to how they did with the old CAL one, but slightly different). With the default of -2 it will use mode -1 unless it is an Nvidia driver newer than the one that introduced the high CPU issue, where it will use mode 0. Mode -1 uses the correct waiting method, mode 0 use the correct waiting method with an initial sleep based on time estimates, and modes > 0 are a polling period in milliseconds. The wait factor is a sort of correction of the time estimate used for the initial wait. The default is 0.75, to wait for 75% of the estimated time before trying to poll.

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发表于 2012-3-20 10:39:47 | 显示全部楼层
New Separation Runs
I've just started up some new runs, with names like "ps_separation_14_2s_..." and "ps_separation_15_2s_...". These runs are designed to study some of the Computer Science that drives Milkyway@home.

As always, let me know if you have any trouble with these work units.

-Matthew N 1 Mar 2012 | 21:21:05 UTC


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Throughout 2011 you diligently drew bubbles, star clusters and more as part of the Milky Way Project. Thanks to that effort, we have created astronomy's largest catalogue of bubbles (5,106 of them). You can read more about this on the blog at http://blogs.zooniverse.org/mwp/2012/02/02/data-release-1/. These results are really exciting and make up the bulk of our first science paper, which has now been accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. You can find the MWP paper here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1201.6357. This paper credits the MWP community and you can see the names of more than 35,000 people who contributed to this study at http://www.milkywayproject.org/authors/.

Following on from this success the MWP science team have decided to inject thousands of new images onto the site. Instead of looking through the whole Galaxy, searching for bubbles, we're now showing you the bubbles from the catalogue you created. This is a really exciting change for the MWP. This update to the site will allow us to get better, more precise measurements of all the bubbles in the catalogue. In short: it means more beautiful bubbles for you, and more science for the project.

We'd like to say thank you for your continued efforts on the Milky Way Project. The project will keep evolving over the course of 2012. You can keep up to date, or ask questions, on Twitter @milkywayproj or on our blog at http://blogs.zooniverse.org/mwp/.

We hope you enjoy all the new images on the site,

Rob and the Milky Way Project Team


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发表于 2012-5-24 01:37:31 | 显示全部楼层
New Separation Runs
I started 2 new separation runs today:


Post here or in the Number Crunching Message Board if you notice anything strange about them!


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发表于 2012-6-8 22:26:27 | 显示全部楼层
started a new search 'ps_separation_14_2s_05_3_test_1'
I'm trying to address the errors people have been having with workunits failing. Let me know if any of the workunits for this new search are crashing. Matt A. told me that this old parameter file should be working fine, so I'm testing it out.


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发表于 2012-9-25 23:04:37 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 xuyongchen 于 2012-9-25 10:07 编辑

After a summer of intense development, we are ready to restart the nbody runs. We have updated the code and have(hopefully)working binaries for Linux 64bit, Linux 32bit and Mac 64bit. Over the upcoming weeks we will be posting binaries for the other platforms. Please let us know how the new code is running.

Thank you all!

-Steve 17 Aug 2012 | 21:11:14 UTC



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Apology for recent bad batches of workunits
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to send out an apology for all the problematic workunits being sent out lately. This was mostly my fault -- we have quite a few new students using MilkyWay@Home for their research -- and the code to start up new searches wasn't doing a very good job of ensuring the quality of the input files they were submitting to it.

We didn't have much problem with this in the past as it was mostly just me and Matt Newby submitting jobs and we knew what we were doing, but the client applications are rather finicky about extra whitespace and things like that in the input files, and this was causing a lot of the crashing workunits.

I'm in the process of updating the search submission code to be a lot more robust and catch these errors before sending things out, so hopefully this won't be as much of an issue in the future (hopefully not an issue at all!).

So I again I want to apologize for the lack of robustness in some of my code that was causing the crashes in the last few days. We're looking into the issue that's causing the las bit of errors that seem to be happening out there (it looks like there's some error in the client code that is causing NANs with certain input parameters, which results in the client reporting an error for the workunit). So I hope we can get that cleared up soon as well.

Happy crunching!
--Travis 14 Oct 2012 | 22:11:37 UTC


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12/6-Validator is down
The Validator is down so Pendings are building. Please know that it has been escalated and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

*You should get your usual credit for any work you have done or continue to do during the outage*.

Thank you for your patience.




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