United Devices

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United Devices

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United Devices logo
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United Devices 运行中的图形界面
开发者 United Devices, Inc
版本历史 1999年
运算平台 Windows
项目平台 独立客户端
项目状态 已结束
项目类别 生命科学类、及多个领域
计算特点 CPU密集:



官方网址 United Devices
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United Devices(简称UD)位于美国德克萨斯州奥斯汀市,是一家提供专业分布运算解决方案的公司。其分布运算解决方案的涉及范围甚广,包括生命科学、金融服务、工业制造、政府机构、科研机构、娱乐及媒体等等。


在德克萨斯州的奥斯汀于1999年创立, United Devices 借助于来自distributed.net 和 SETI@home 的分布式计算技术开始运行,但现在只有少数来自这些组织的员工仍然在职。

在2001年4月, grid.org 开始正式作为公益的非盈利网站运行,希望以此来证明建立在互联网基础上的大型分布式计算的优势。

Later in 2002 with help from UD, NTT Data launched a similar Internet-based Cell Computing project targeting Japanese users. In 2004, IBM and United Devices worked together to start the World Community Grid project as another demonstration of Internet-based grid computing.

In August 2005, United Devices acquired the Paris-based GridXpert company and added Synergy to its product lineup.

In 2006, the company acknowledged seeing an industry shift from only using grid computing for compute-intensive applications towards data center automation and business application optimization.

Partly in response to the market shifts and reorganization, grid.org was shut down on April 27, 2007 after completing its mission to "demonstrate the viability and benefits of large-scale Internet-based grid computing".

On September 17, 2007, the company announced that it would merge with the Lisle, Illinois-based Univa and operate under the new name Univa UD. The combined company would offer open source solutions based around Globus Toolkit, while continuing to sell its existing grid products and support its existing customers.

On June 26, 2008, United Devices client software on World Community Grid finished its role and completely relayed to BOINC's.

Commercial products

  • Grid MP — a job scheduler and application provisioning platform. It is offered in various editions, depending on the scalability needs of the customer. The company publishes a list of high-profile organizations using Grid MP on the United Devices website
  • MP Insight — allows customers to perform data analysis to determine if their grid computing resources are being effectively used.
  • MP Synergy — a metascheduler based on Globus Toolkit technology that allows users to perform efficient scheduling within an organization that has multiple job schedulers already deployed and controlling independent clusters. Supported schedulers include Grid MP, Sun Grid Engine, Platform LSF, PBS, LoadLeveler, and Condor.
  • Reliance — designed specifically for the datacenter to provide automated infrastructure management and to ensure application service levels are honored by monitoring events and performing provisioning actions based on these events.