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2010 年 6 月 11 日

FAMOUS 的千年实验回来了

小规模实验在3月24日发布后,FAMOUS 的千年实验沉静了下来,但现在带着大量的任务回来了。
我们需要运行一个全球大气海洋耦合模型 - FAMOUS。从公元 800 年到 2000 年再加上一个“旋转式”时期。

我们希望你能享受这快速的模拟。每个任务是 200年,预计在最新的PC上耗费大约1到2周的时间可以完成。

更多的信息请访问 FAMOUS 千年项目的页面:


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2010 年 6 月 29 日

Myles Allen 获得 Appleton 奖


Myles Allen wins the Appleton Medal

“It’s a great honour to be awarded this medal, particularly given the very distinguished list of past recipients. project was specifically singled out in the citation, so I think we should see this as an award to the project as a whole. This is an opportunity to thank everyone involved, the software engineers who built it, the UK Research Councils, European Commission, Met Office and Microsoft Research who paid the bills, the scientists who set up the experiments and continue to pore over our results, and the board moderators who keep everything going. Most of all, of course, I have to thank our participants who continue to provide, entirely voluntarily, a unique resource to the climate research community. Thank you, everyone, and with some exciting new experiments coming on stream, this is a great time for the project.”

—Myles Allen.

The award website can be found here, and there is more information on this specific award here.


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2010 年 6 月 30 日

HadSM3 和 HadAM3P 模型退役

两个非常受欢迎的模型今天退役了,它们是 HadSM3 和 HadAM3P。

HadSM3 是自 开始已经使用,是一个简单的单层“板”海洋的大气全球循环模型,在大气参数的前沿研究中一直有领先地位。在持久的普及下,我们已经积累了丰富的知识,现在是时候让位给一个快速的 3D 海洋气候模型 - FAMOUS。

HadAM3P 是唯一一个可以指定海洋表面温度的高分辨率气候模型,现在 也撤下了它的任务。它很快会被一个新的混合模型所取代。它将是一个 HadAM3P 的改进版本并拥有局部区域更高分辨率的模型。


目前,快速偶合模型 FAMOUS 将通过 使用新的图形。请大家参加 FAMOUS 的千年实验。它将引导我们在人类历史中所激烈的气候变化和未来广阔的预测。



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2010 年 7 月 9 日 卖杯子啦

现在已经通过 Cafepress 的服务提供了印有 LOGO 的茶杯,为志愿者(和那些 CPDN 的工作者)以炫耀他们对项目的支持。

你可以通过 Cafepress CPDN 的店铺购买到这款茶杯,并且每购买一个茶杯都会有2美刀捐献到项目的运行费用中去。


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Database re-activated
Submitted by cpdn on Sat, 04/09/2010 - 8:14am

The database is running again and most of the issues seem to be resolved, although there may be a few bugs to iron out still.

Thanks again to all users for their patience during this outage.


// 刚看我的积分已经恢复了~~


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很有意义的活动 支持!
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10 years of CPDN – and you are invited to celebrate with us!

Our anniversary is fast approaching: on 12th of September 2013 it will have been 10 years since the public launch of the project on the same day in 2003.

To mark this special occasion we have joined forces with other citizen science projects to celebrate on Friday 13 September 2013, at the Royal Society in London. The first part of the day will be a workshop, which will then be followed by a drinks reception at 4 p.m. The event is free and open to everyone.

The current CPDN-team and some of the technical and scientific staff who helped us on the way will be there, and we very much hope that as many of the most important people who make CPDN an on-going success will join in the celebrations.

If you are in London on that day, do come along and have a drink with us. You can find the details of the programme and venue at:
eResearch south. Please do register for the event so we know how many drinks to buy.

We very much hope you will join us on this occasion!

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日期:         2014年4月17日 上午12:00
主题:         Email from the team

Dear Ding_Cong,

Greetings from the team

First of all can we thank you for your ongoing contribution to the project. Our records show that you are currently running the BOINC client version 7.2.39 on host number 1310114. Unfortunately this BOINC client version has been very recently shown to cause CPDN workunits to crash prematurely. We kindly ask if you could please update your client as soon as you are able to, to BOINC client version 7.2.42 where this issue has been rectified, this is available from:

If you need advice on this topic please go to the project forum:

Once again can we take the opportunity to thank you very much for your ongoing contribution to the project, we appreciate the generous donation of your computer time.

With best regards,

The team

近日证实 7.2.39 版本的 BOINC 会导致 CPDN 的任务包过早崩溃,7.2.42 版本已解决此问题,请使用 7.2.39 版本 BOINC 的志愿者升级至最新的 7.2.42 版本以防任务包计算出错~~
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发表于:1 Dec 2016, 18:31:36 UTC
I haven't been receiving tasks for a few weeks now. I have detached and reattached to the project, updated it, and double-checked my settings and I still can't get work units. I also added a lot more disk space to accommodate the system requirements. Still nothing. Any advice?

Thank you

Iain Inglis
发表于:1 Dec 2016, 20:51:29 UTC - 回复消息 55261.
There hasn't been much new work recently - but some did come out today and has already been snapped up by the large number of computers that had run out of work.

There is a discussion here ... _thread.php?id=8272 - it might be good idea to subscribe to that thread. You'll then get early warning of any new batch of models.


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Gavin.H + 4 很给力!


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A real-time Global Warming Index(
官网的报道在这里:New index of warming due to human influence on climate released ( ... n-climate-released/


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zhouxiaobo + 15 已发wiki


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CPDN 也是能发自然的(今天才看到
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