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2017-12-05: SETI@Home, Berkeley SETI Research Center undergraduate research internships, summer 2018

Applications are invited for 10-week paid undergraduate research internships at Berkeley SETI Research Center for summer 2018. BSRC is a
world-leader in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence ? the quest for a scientific answer to one of humanity?s oldest questions: Are we
alone in the Universe? Housed in the Astronomy Department at the University of California, Berkeley, the team at BSRC leads the science
program for the $100-million Breakthrough Listen project. Our scientists and engineers are pioneers in the development of software,
instrumentation, and science strategy for the search for intelligent life on other worlds. We have access to substantial amounts of time on
the planet?s largest telescopes, connections to leading players in industry, and we?re based in one of the world?s premiere astronomy
research institutions. We?re also psyched that we get to wake up each day and hunt for aliens.

Current sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduates (including non-US citizens) studying at a degree-granting institution in the US are eligible to
apply. Around 5 - 7 positions will be available. A stipend of $20 / hr (up to a maximum of $8000) will be provided. Details and links to the application form are at

2017.12.05 SETI研究中心招收科研实习生


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2017-12-06: SETI@Home, Splitters off, again :(

I had to turn the splitters off, again. I underestimated the rate at which we were creating work (damn moveable decimal points!). I thought we could go without adding more space to the database until we had time (tomorrow morning) to delete the old database spaces.

I was wrong, we really zoomed through the files on disk, and we ran out of space. Deleting database spaces is dangerous, so I really want Jeff to check the command script before it gets run. That won't happen until morning. But once it does we'll be back in operation.

Hopefully most SETIzens won't even notice this short absence of work.
2017.12.06 任务分割器又!挂!啦!:(
我不得已把发包器关掉了,又关掉了。之前我低估了生成WU的速度(都怪小数点,不是我的错!)。我还以为没必要给数据库扩容,结果硬盘满了。。删除数据库的内容是很危险的,所以我十分希望Jeff 能在脚本运行之前再好好检查检查。这项工作明早才会开始,到时候很快就会完成并回复正常。

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2017-12-07: SETI@Home, Special Fundraiser for Parkes Data Store and GPU development system

Thanks to our collaboration with Breakthrough Listen and their international colleagues, we will soon have the ability to access data recorded at the Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia. For the first time, this will give us full-sky coverage, including the southern hemisphere, in our search for ET. However, due to the enormous amount of data that the 13-beam receiver at Parkes can generate, we will require extra hardware to store and distribute it. We need your help to purchase this.

Thanks to some special offers, one from the Hanson family in memory of Robert W. & Mary P. Hanson, one from Richard Haselgrove in memory of his mother, Jenifer Leech, and one from Mr. Kevvy, we have the possibility to match donations which will allow us to purchase the Parkes Data store server (~$34K) and the GPU development systems (~$10K) we will need for the coming year. For every dollar you donate in this special fund raiser, Mr. Kevvy will match it, the Hanson Family will match it with two, and Richard Haselgrove will match it with two more. That means for every dollar you donate we'll get six dollars towards the purchase of these servers!

Because this is a special fundraiser we'll have special notation on your account page and on the forums. The 12TB disk drives in the Parkes Data Store cost $450. One sixth of that is $75. So, a donation of $75 or more gets you a disk drive icon. The GPUs in the GPU development machine that we will be using for our recording systems at future telescopes are $1500 each, so a donation of $250 or more will get you a GPU icon. And as always, any donation of $10 or more will get you a green star.

But in the end, it's not about the icons: it's about getting the data and making a discovery for the ages. Your help, whether by crunching data or by donating, is always appreciated.

2017.12.07 为Parkes 的数据存储系统和GPU 开发系统募捐
经过我们与Breakthrough Listen 的国际同行们的默契合作,我们将很快能够访问到澳大利亚Parkes 射电望远镜的数据记录。这是我们首次获得包括南半球的全天覆盖能力。不过由于Parkes 的强大数据生产力,我们需要额外的硬件来对其数据进行存储、分发。因此我们需要你们的帮助(purchase this)。
感谢one from the Hanson family in memory of Robert W. & Mary P. Hanson, one from Richard Haselgrove in memory of his mother, Jenifer Leech, and one from Mr. Kevvy ,我们能够使用匹配捐赠的方式购买Parkes 的数据存储服务器(约34K刀)和GPU 开发系统(约10k刀)。这相当于诸君每捐一刀,相当于在服务器的购买中出了六刀!
由于本次活动为特别募捐活动,我们给各位捐款者准备了在账户页面和论坛上的特殊标识(大佬们,出手的时候到了)。12TB硬盘价格为450刀,六分之一即是75刀。所以捐款75刀即可获得一个硬盘的奖章。GPU 开发系统里的一块GPU 大概是1500刀一块,所以捐250刀就能拿到一个GPU 徽章。并且和以前一样,捐10刀或以上就能得到一个小(绿)星星。


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2017-12-13: SETI@Home, Now accepting donations of gridcoin.

Because of several requests, I've resurrected the idea that we could take donation in gridcoin, a cryptocurrency you can earn by participating in volunteer computing projects.

Our gridcoin address is now listed on our donation page.
2017.12.13 现在可以接受来自gridcoin 的捐款了

鉴于刚打算友的要求,我们重新开启了接受gridcoin 捐助的途径。

我们的gridcoin 地址已经贴在了捐款页面上。

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2018-03-31: SETI@Home, Unexplained database slowness

The database has gotten hung up a couple of times with slow queries. I've restarted it once and that seems to have helped. It'll take several hours to be sure.

If that didn't solve the problem, it probably means the index the server uses to choose workunits to send has gotten corrupted. If I need to rebuild it, we'll probably be down most of tomorrow while I do so.

2018-03-31: SETI@home ,数据库因不明因素变慢
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2018-04-30: SETI@Home, Dropped packets

The UC data center switched over to a new firewall this morning. Since then packets into and out of the data center have been suffering drops. The Data Center staff is debugging the problem, we'll probably be dropping packets until it's resolved.

2018-04-30: SETI@Home,丢包问题


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BOINC Open Source Project looking for experienced MacOS developers
The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) system is the software infrastructure used by Einstein@home and many other volunteer distributed computing projects. The BOINC Open Source Project is looking for volunteers to develop and maintain the BOINC client on macOS. The BOINC Client and Manager are C++ cross-platform code supporting Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and several other operating systems. We currently have a number of volunteer developers supporting Windows and Linux, but our main macOS developer is winding down his involvement after many years. He is prepared to help a few new macOS developers get up to speed.

If you have macOS development experience and are interested in volunteering time to help support and maintain the BOINC macOS client please have a look at the more detailed description here:

If you want to help, please sign up to the BOINC Developer email list here: ​ ... /#!forum/boinc_dev.

If you are not a macOS developer, but have other skills and are interested in contributing to BOINC, the link above also has more general information.

Thank you!
20 Feb 2019, 17:47:19 UTC

BOINC 开源项目正在寻找经验丰富的 macOS 开发人员
伯克利网络计算开放基础设施(BOINC)系统是 Einstein@Home 和许多其他志愿分布式计算项目使用的软件基础设施。BOINC 开源项目正在寻找志愿者在 macOS 上开发和维护 BOINC 客户端。BOINC 客户端和管理器是支持 Microsoft Windows、macOS、Linux 和其他几种操作系统的 C++ 跨平台应用。我们目前有许多 Windows 和 Linux 的志愿者开发人员,但我们的主要 macOS 开发人员在多年后逐渐减少了他的参与。他将帮助新的 macOS 开发人员赶上进度。

如果您有 macOS 开发经验并且有兴趣自愿花时间来帮助支持和维护 BOINC macOS 客户端,请查看更详细的描述:

如果您愿意帮助我们,请在此处加入 BOINC 开发人员电子邮件列表: ... m/#!forum/boinc_dev

如果您不是 macOS 开发人员,但有其他技能并且有兴趣为 BOINC 做出贡献,也可以访问上述链接获取更多信息。

2019-2-21 01:47:19 CST

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New forum, and a new contributor.
We have added a new forum called SETI Perspectives that will showcase thoughts on SETI and related topics from people not directly connected with the Berkeley SETI group. Richard Lawn, Ph.D is our first contributor with an article about 'Oumuamua, the first object we've seen that convincingly originates from outside from outside the solar system. We hope have a long collaboration with Richard. Please welcome him into the SETI@home family.
23 Feb 2019, 23:29:56 UTC

我们增加了一个名为 SETI Perspectives 的新论坛,该论坛将展示关于 SETI 的想法以及来自与伯克利 SETI 集团没有直接关系的人士的话题讨论。理查德劳恩博士是我们的第一个撰稿人,他发表了一篇关于 'Oumuamua 的文章,这是我们看到的第一个令人信服地来自太阳系外部的对象。我们希望与理查德长期合作。请欢迎他加入 SETI@home 家庭。
2019-2-24 07:29:56 CST

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2019-03-12: SETI@Home, New SETI Perspectives article

Richard M Lawn has posted another interesting article to the SETI Perspectives forum. This one is about the mysteries of Fast Radio Burst (aka FRBs), possibly some of the most distant explosions ever seen.

2019-03-12: SETI@Home, SETI 项目主管发布了一篇关于“ Fast Radio Burst”的文章


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2019-04-04: SETI@Home, The Drake Equation Revisited

Richard Lawn has given us a new SETI Perspectives article to think about. This one is about the Drake Equation.

2019-04-04: SETI@Home, 回顾德雷克方程
项目主管Richard Lawn 发表了一篇引人思考的SETI观点文章,这是一篇关于德雷克方程的文章。


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本帖最后由 KexyBiscuit 于 2019-5-14 13:08 编辑

Science progress report

An update on the SETI@home back-end data analysis is here.

30 Apr 2019, 22:05:21 UTC · Discuss


这里有关于 SETI@home 后端数据分析的更新。

2019-05-01, 06:05:21 CST · Discuss

SETI Perspectives article "Coming of Age for Optical SETI"

Richard Lawn has written a new article, this one on the Panoramic Optical SETI effort, PANOSETI. As a bonus he includes a bit of an update on 'Oumuamua.

10 May 2019, 18:52:19 UTC · Discuss

SETI Perspectives 文章《光学 SETI 时代的到来》

Richard Lawn 写了一篇关于全景光学 SETI 工作 PANOSETI 的新文章。另外,他也提供了一些关于 'Oumuamua 的新消息。

2019-05-11, 02:52:19 CST · 讨论


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New SETI Perspectives: "Seeing the Unseeable: The Black Hole Image"

Richard Lawn has posted another interesting article to "SETI Perspectives". This one is titled Seeing the Unseeable: The Black Hole Image and is about the Event Horizon Telescope's image of the black hole in M87.

5 Jul 2019, 21:10:42 UTC · Discuss

新 SETI Perspectives 文章:《看见不可见之物:黑洞图像》

Richard Lawn 在 SETI Perspectives 上发表了另一篇有趣的文章。这篇文章介绍了事件视界望远镜为位于 M87 的黑洞拍摄的图像。

2019-07-06, 05:10:42 CST · Discuss


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SETI@home hibernation
On March 31, the volunteer computing part of SETI@home will stop distributing work and will go into hibernation.

We're doing this for two reasons:

1) Scientifically, we're at the point of diminishing returns; basically, we've analyzed all the data we need for now.

2) It's a lot of work for us to manage the distributed processing of data. We need to focus on completing the back-end analysis of the results we already have, and writing this up in a scientific journal paper.

However, SETI@home is not disappearing. The web site and the message boards will continue to operate. We hope that other UC Berkeley astronomers will find uses for the huge computing capabilities of SETI@home for SETI or related areas like cosmology and pulsar research. If this happens, SETI@home will start distributing work again. We'll keep you posted about this.

If you're currently running SETI@home on your computer, we encourage you to attach to other BOINC-based projects as well. Or use Science United and sign up to do astronomy. You can stay attached to SETI@home, of course, but you won't get any jobs until we find new applications.

We're extremely grateful to all of our volunteers for supporting us in many ways during the past 20 years. Without you there would be no SETI@home. We're excited to finish up our original science project, and we look forward to what comes next.
2 Mar 2020, 21:16:23 UTC

如果您当前正在计算机上运行SETI@home,我们建议您附加到其他基于BOINC的项目。或使用Science United做天文学。您当然可以将SETI@home留在项目列表中,但是直到我们找到新的应用程序,您才能获得工作。
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