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World Community Grid is 1-year-old!

On our first anniversary, we are pleased to announce the launch of our second project: FightAIDS@Home. This project has the potential to stop AIDS, perhaps the most devastating disease of our time.

If you are not already a member of World Community Grid and want to donate your computer time for this project, please click on the join now button on the right.

For more information about this new project, please click on the links below:
Project description
Additional information about changes

World Community Grid(世界公共网格)成立一周年!




目前在 WCG 计算平台下,已经有两个子项目了,那么如何选择参加不同的项目呢?
请先到官方用户服务页面 登陆,登陆后请参考下图修改个人设置:


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"World Community Grid Completes First Stage of FightAIDS@Home

By Prof. Arthur J. Olson, Ph.D., Dr. Garrett M. Morris, M.A. (Oxon.), D.Phil. (Oxon),
Dr. William M. Lindstrom, Jr., Ph.D., & Alexandre Gillet, The Scripps Research Institute

World Community Grid has already achieved a significant milestone on FightAIDS@Home, completing Stage 1a of the project, which was launched in November, 2005.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) maintains a database of chemical compounds, many of which are available as actual samples for testing in test tubes. There are some 230,000 compounds in all. Somewhere in this giant haystack of molecules, there might be one or more "lead" molecules for new HIV protease inhibitors. A "lead" molecule is one that is similar to a final drug, but must first be modified by medicinal chemists to make it less toxic or more soluble in water. The NCI constructed a subset of this database that is supposed to represent the chemical variety of all the molecules in the complete database. This subset consists of nearly 2,000 chemical compounds and is called the "Diversity Set".

All life and viruses have a genetic blueprint, or "genome," that consists of a string of DNA letters. In the DNA alphabet, there are only 4 letters, or "bases" as they are known: A, C, G and T. These letters, when written in a particular order create "genes," genetic instructions on how to build "proteins," the molecular machines of life. The genome of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) consists of nearly 10,000 bases, which code for just 9 genes. The most commonly-occurring form of HIV is known as the "wild type" form. When HIV infects its target cells, one of its proteins that it uses to replicate its own genetic instructions makes mistakes, and this gives rise to many "mutant" forms of HIV. Some of these mutants happen to be more resistant to the drugs currently used to treat HIV disease. So it is vital that we discover new drugs that are more robust, that can defeat not just the wild type but also the drug-resistant mutant forms of HIV.

One of the 9 genes in the HIV genome codes for a protein called "HIV protease." A protease is a molecular machine that cuts proteins. When HIV replicates, it converts its genetic instructions into one long chain of proteins, but for the virus to mature properly, it must cut the long "polyprotein" into separate proteins. If we block the active site of the protease with a small molecule, a bit like a key fitting into a lock, we can stop the virus from cutting the polyprotein, and thus prevent the virus from maturing into an infectious virus. This is exactly how clinically approved protease inhibitors work.

Stage 1a involved virtual screening of the 2,000 or so compounds in the NCI Diversity Set against 270 wild type and mutant HIV proteases to discover potential new leads and ultimately new drugs. We have analyzed the results for the wild type and have confirmed that our "positive controls" (molecules that we know bind to HIV protease) do, in fact, bind the most tightly to the wild type form of HIV protease, which verifies that the virtual screening is working. These include clinically-approved HIV protease inhibitors such as Indinavir, Saquinavir and Ritonavir, which are currently prescribed to HIV-infected patients. We have ranked the results from our virtual screening and will be presenting the best anti-HIV protease compounds from the NCI Diversity Set to our synthetic chemists so they can incorporate these "lead" molecules into the design of even better inhibitors than the clinically-approved drugs.

The next step is Stage 1b, where we will be screening 230,000 compounds -- the entire NCI database -- against just wild type HIV protease. This will allow us to validate not only the results of Stage 1a, but also the methodology of screening a diverse subset of a larger database against a target. We may discover new compounds against HIV protease, which we could not have found using just the Diversity Set.

We also are preparing Stage 2, which will involve screening virtual libraries of compounds designed in conjunction with our collaborating synthetic chemists against the broad panel of 270 wild type and mutant HIV proteases, again to find new protease inhibitors that work against more than just the most common form of HIV protease. Additionally, the top hits from Stage 1b will be investigated in more detail against this broad panel of 270 targets.

We are very pleased with the insight that we have gained thus far, which could not have been accomplished in the absence of World Community Grid. Thanks to the more than 170,000 volunteers donating their computing time, we have been able to do more than 2 quadrillion calculations, many of which are far more advanced than we have been able to do previously."

World Community Grid完成 FightAIDS@Home 的第一阶段

作者:Prof. Arthur J. Olson、Ph.D. Dr. Garrett M. Morris、M.A. (Oxon.)、D.Phil. (Oxon)、Dr. William M. Lindstrom、Jr., Ph.D., 和 Alexandre Gillet,Scripps 研究所

World Community Grid已经完成了FightAIDS@Home的一个重要的里程碑,完成于2005 年11月开始的FightAIDS@Home项目的Stage 1a。

国家癌症协会 (NCI) 有一个化学分子数据库,其中多数可以作为样本在试管中进行测试。里面总共约有 230,000个化合物。在这个庞大的分子库中,很可能有一个或多个的“有效”分子可以作为新的爱滋病毒蛋白抑制剂。“有效”分子是一种与最后的成品药物类似的一种蛋白质分子,但是必须首先被医学化学家修改,以减弱它的毒性或增强与水的溶解能力。NCI 先取出了数据库的一部分代表分子,以研究数据库中的分子的化学多样性。 这个子库有将近 2,000个化合物,我们叫他“对比库”。

所有的生物和病毒都有一个遗传基因的蓝图称为“基因组”,有一连串的 DNA 信息。在 DNA 类型表中,只有 4种“碱基”即: A 、 C 、 G 和 T。这些信息,以一个特定的次序组合即可产生“基因”--它控制该如何生成生命的基本组成物质“蛋白质”。爱滋病毒 (HIV) 的基因组有将近 10,000个碱基,仅代表 9个基因编码。最常见的爱滋病毒的形式是“野生型”。当爱滋病毒感染到目标细胞的时候,它使用它的蛋白质复制自身的遗传基因,如果出错,就会产生许多“突变型”爱滋病毒。一些突变型病毒碰巧对现在使用的治疗爱滋病毒药物产生了更强的抗药性。因此我们寻找更有效的新药物是很重要的,他们不仅能抗击野生型,也能抗击突变型艾滋病毒。

在爱滋病毒基因组编码中的这 9个蛋白质基因中的一个被称为“爱滋病毒蛋白酶”。蛋白酶是一种切割蛋白质的分子机器。当爱滋病毒复制的时候,它把它的遗传基因信息转换成长的蛋白质链, 等病毒蛋白成熟后,它会把长的“聚合蛋白”切开。如果我们用一个小的分子绑在蛋白酶的活跃位置上,就象把钥匙插入一个锁内,我们就能阻止病毒切开聚合蛋白,这样一来就可以阻止病毒成熟转变成有传染性的病毒。这已经得到临床蛋白抑制剂研究的验明。

Stage 1a要把NCI“对比库”中的 2,000 个左右的化合物针对 270个野生型和突变型爱滋病毒蛋白进行虚拟筛选,以寻找潜在的新的有效和最终的药物。我们已经对野生型的结果进行了分析,而且已经确认我们的“积极控制”的做法,事实上,与野生型爱滋病毒蛋白酶绑得很紧,证实虚拟筛选是可行的。这些已由临床案例证实爱滋病毒蛋白抑制剂,比如 Indinavir 、 Saquinavir 和 Ritonavir,现在已用于爱滋病毒感染者的治疗。我们已经对来自我们的虚拟筛选的结果进行了排序,而且将从 NCI “多样性库”中选出最好的艾滋病病毒蛋白酶抑制分子送到我们的人造蛋白化学家那里,他们就造出比临床现在使用的药物更好的抑制剂。

再下一个步是Stage 1b,我们将会筛选 230,000个化合物-- 整个的 NCI 数据库 -- 针对野生型爱滋病毒蛋白酶。这不仅能让我们验证Stage 1a结果的有效性,也可以验证通过只计算一个目标的较大数据库的一个子集来检查整个数据库的方法学。我们可能发现“对比库”中没有的抗爱滋病毒蛋白的新化合物。

我们也正在准备阶段 2,将会增加与我们合作的人造蛋白化学家作出的分子,针对 270个野生型和突变型爱滋病毒蛋白酶进行虚拟筛选,寻找更多的爱滋病毒蛋白酶的新蛋白抑制剂(而不仅限于野生型蛋白酶)。此外,来自阶段 1b 的最好结果将会针对这270个目标进行更详细的测试。

我们对我们迄今已经得到的结果感到非常高兴,没有World Community Grid我们是没法完成的。感谢 170,000多个志愿者捐赠他们的计算机的计算时间,我们已经完成了超过 2000 的五次方的计算, 比我们以前完成的计算还要多很多。

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According to the main Fight AIDS@Home webpage, phase 1b is also complete and stage 2 is now 2 percent complete.

依据 FightAIDS@Home 主页信息,phase 1b完成了,阶段2 现在也完成了 2%。

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2006-10-10: World Community Grid - FightAIDS@Home Graphics

We have launched our first project specific graphics on BOINC. Please sign up, contribute to this great cause and view our new graphics!



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Dec 6, 2006
Help Defeat Cancer Checkpointing Issue  

Thanks to the help of our members we have identified a problem with checkpointing in the Help Defeat Cancer application (on both BOINC and UD). We are currently testing the fix for this in development. Once this looks good we will begin beta testing and if that goes well release it into production.

Until the fix is deployed we have disabled the code that would only grant half credit to users who claimed high. This is only disabled in the Help Defeat Cancer application.

Help Defeat Cancer的定时存盘系统出错

感谢用户的帮忙,我们确定我们的Help Defeat Cancer程序的定时存盘出了问题(BOINC 和 UD客户端都有问题)。我们正在修复该问题。修好后会进行公测,如果没问题就会发布新的修正版程序。

在问题得以解决前,我们会暂停当前的脚本,它会给有问题的任务的积分减半。只改了Help Defeat Cancer程序而已,其它子项目不受影响。


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Dec 10, 2006
Delayed validation of results

We experienced a problem today with a filesystem filling up. As a result the backend processes (transitioner and validators) stopped running. We have moved some files around to free up sufficient space to restart processing.

No files were lost during this incident and we will validate that all users have received their full credit.




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Dec 15, 2006
New Registration Process as of Dec 15, 2006

World Community Grid has updated the registration process to unify the process of signing up regardless of what operating system our members are using.

There is now a single registration page for all new members on the site. In addition, all members will receive an email with their member name (previously, members using the United Devices version of the software did not receive any such confirmation). The installation instruction for the United Devices version of the software have been updated as well.

We hope that the new registration process will make it easier for all of us to recruit new members and continue to grow the community here.


World Community Grid已经更新了注册流程以统一注册流程,不论使用何种操作系统,我们的用户注册都一样。

目前,对所有的新用户来说网站只有一个注册页面。此外,所有用户将收到一个带有用户名称的电子邮件(以前,United Devices并没有这样的确认信)。United Devices的安装说明书已更新。


Dec 18, 2006
New registration process delayed

On December 15th, we launched a new registration process. However, we ran into some issues and have decided to revert back to the previous process until early January. We have removed the post in Member News so there is no miscommunication about this feature.


在12月15日,我们推出了一项新的注册流程。但是,我们遇到了一些问题,故决定恢复先前的流程,直到1月初。我们删掉了 Member News 里的帖子,以免造成不必要的麻烦。

Dec 15, 2006
Issues on Dec. 14 & 15

The website was being upgraded on the 14th of December. There was an issue with one of the databases during the upgrade that caused intermittent outages on the site.

After getting the site back up, the forum application did not start properly causing it to be out for several hours. As evidenced by this post, the forums are working again now.




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Dec 19, 2006
Launch of the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Project

World Community Grid is pleased to launch the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project for Association Francaise contre les Myopathies (AFM) in Paris, France. In order to understand how proteins perform their necessary functions in living cells, a better and more detailed understanding of function and protein-protein interactions is required, to ultimately help researchers to design therapeutic strategies. Your contribution will provide valuable information to the research that is part of the Decrypthon Program. Eventually your contribution will benefit all researchers working on many genetic diseases, particularly neuromuscular diseases. The ultimate hope is that this will help scientists develop innovative therapies that will lead to treatment for the vast majority of neuromuscular diseases, including Muscular Dystrophy. For more detailed information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the project, please press the Research button in the upper navigation bar or click here.

This project is slightly different than most of our other projects in that what we are launching is only Phase 1 of a larger project. We anticipate that Phase 1 will run for approximately 2 months. Then the researchers will examine the results in preparation for running Phase 2, which will run for a significantly longer period of time. Early estimates are that Phase 2 may start around August of 2007. Because Phase 1 runs for such a short time, we did not expend the resources required to run the project on both the UD and BOINC platforms. Thus, we are running Phase 1 using only the UD agent and will run Phase 2 on UD and BOINC. We know that this may disappoint some members who run BOINC but we hope that you can understand that preparing the software for a project takes two to three months and when the project (Phase 1) is only 2 months long, it doesn’t make sense to run the project on all platforms.

In addition to providing information about this project, we have created a forum for discussions about the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project. To participate in this forum, please press the Forums button in the upper navigation bar or click here. Only forum authors with the title "Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Scientist" are authorized to comment as representatives of the research organizations for this project.

The Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project is one of five projects running on World Community Grid at this time. The other projects include FightAIDS@Home, which has been running since November of 2005, Help Defeat Cancer, which has been running since July of 2006, Human Proteome Folding Phase 2, which has been running since October of 2006, and Fiocruz Genome Comparison, which has been running since November 17, 2006. For more detailed information and FAQs about each of these projects, please press the Research button in the upper navigation bar or click here. We thank all of our members for their valuable contributions to these projects and hope you will continue to help process all five projects.

Because there are five research projects running on World Community Grid, your grid agent could receive work units from any of the projects. You may elect to focus your computer's time on only particular projects, if you have a preference. To do so, sign into the site and press the My Grid button in the upper navigation bar and select My Projects or click here.

If you are already a member of World Community Grid, there's nothing that you have to do to prepare for the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project. The next time your grid agent communicates with the servers, it will send you a work unit from one of the projects at random for which your machine meets the minimum requirements and according to your project participation elections. To know which project you are running, please double-click on the World Community Grid icon (or BOINC Manager icon if you are running BOINC) in the system tray, and you will see the title of the project in the display.

If you have any questions, World Community Grid provides you with four methods of obtaining assistance: (1) Review the FAQs found in the Help section of the website, (2) Review the forums to see if anyone has asked/answered the question that you have, (3) Ask the question in an appropriate World Community Grid forum found and a Community Advisor or a more experienced member will provide an answer, and (4) Send an email to the support desk from the Contact Us link found at the bottom of every page on the website.

We thank you for your run time contribution to the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project as well as all of our other projects.


World Community Grid高兴地宣布开始协助医治肌营养不良肌病项目,由法国巴黎的 Association Francaise contre les Myopathies (AFM)主办。为了了解在活细胞中蛋白质如何发挥作用,需要更加详细地了解功能和蛋白质间的相互作用,最终帮助研究人员设计治疗方法。您地帮助将会为Decrypthon计划的部分研究提供宝贵地资料。您的贡献将使许多遗传疾病的研究工作都受益,尤其是神经肌肉疾病。最终的目标是希望这将有助于科学家开发创新疗法以治疗绝大多数神经肌肉疾病,包括肌肉萎缩。项目的更详细的资料和常问问题(FAQs),请浏览Research页面。


除了为这个项目提供资料,我们已建立了一个讨论协助医治肌营养不良项目的论坛。参加论坛,请到Forums页面。只有级别为"Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Scientist"的论坛作者有权作为这一项目研究机构的代言人。

协助医治肌营养不良项目是目前在World Community Grid上运行的五大项目之一。其他项目包括FightAIDS@Home,于2005年11月以来一直运行,Help Defeat Cancer,于2006年7月以来一直运行,Human Proteome Folding Phase 2,于2006年10月以来一直运行,还有Fiocruz Genome Comparison,于2006年11月17日以来一直运行。这些项目的详细资料及常见问题,请到Research页面。我们感谢所有的用户,为这些项目所做的宝贵贡献,并希望大家继续帮助全部5个项目的计算。

因为有五个科研项目在World Community Grid上运行,你的客户端可以接受任何一个项目的任务包。如果你有偏好,你可以把你的计算力选择只有贡献给特定的项目。为此,您需要登录网站,进入My Grid页面,并选择My Projects。

如果你已经是World Community Grid的用户,你不需要为协助医治肌营养不良项目做任何准备。下次当你的客户端连接服务器时,它将随机为你派发一个项目的任务包,只要您的机器满足该项目的最低要求,你选择参加了该项目。想知道你在运行哪个项目,请双击系统栏里的World Community Grid图标(如果你运行的是boinc就双击BOINC Manager图标),你们将看到一个显示的项目名称。

如果你有任何问题,World Community Grid能为你们提供4种方式获得援助:(一)在网站的Help页面的FAQs中寻找答案(二)去论坛,看是否有人已问/回答了你的问题(3)在World Community Grid对应专用论坛向项目专家或高级会员提问(四)通过项目网站每个页面底部Contact Us链接给我们发电子邮件。



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Dec 21, 2006
BOINC Servers Down

There is a problem with the BOINC servers that is preventing agents to connect to them. You'll see a 'Project is down' message, if you look at the messages tab.

We are working on the problem but do not have an estimated time when they'll be back up.

We'll keep you posted. Hopefully everyone can survive on their task queue for the duration.


BOINC服务器出问题了,不允许客户端连接。如果你看历史信息列表,你会看到'Project is down'的信息。



Update #1
Our servers are located at a hosting facility in Boulder, CO (USA). Unfortunately, the problem affecting the BOINC servers requires someone to have physical access to the servers. Boulder is in the middle of a significant snow storm and no-one is able to travel at this time. Additionally due to the snow storm the hosting facility is operating with significanly reduced staff. As a result it may be awhile before we are able to resolve this problem.

We sincerely apologize for the touble.

This problem only affects BOINC clients.

Please note that no work will be lost. Also for work returned after the deadline please note that there is a 2 day grace period so your work will still be accepted.

更新 #1
我们的服务器位于Boulder, CO (USA)机房。不幸的是,这个影响到boinc服务器的问题需要有人亲自去修服务器。Boulder正遇到大暴风雪,没有人能够在这个时候去那儿。此外,由于大暴风雪机房大部分工作人员放假了。因此我们需要一些时间才能够解决这个问题。




Update #2  
The outage has been resolved. The hosting facility was able to get someone to reboot the server. This allowed us to connect remotely and fix the problem. Work is being sent out now and results are being validated.

更新 #2

Re: Update #2
This problem has reappeared - we are working on it now.

补充:更新 #2

Re: Update #2  
As of the time of this post, the BOINC server remains down. I can't provide a good estimate of when it will be back up.

As a result of the BOINC server being down, the web servers were also down causing the site to be unavailable for approximately 7 hours ending about 20 minutes ago.

补充:更新 #2


Dec 22, 2006 8:24:04 PM
We are working on a solution at this time. The worst case scenario is that the BOINC servers will be down until Tuesday, December 26, 2006. The best case scenario is that the servers will be up later today. We will know more at 6pm central time (USA). In the meantime, UD continues to work fine.

2006年12月22日 8:24:04 PM

Dec 23, 2006 2:06:49 AM
The servers have been repaired. The problem turned out to be a faulty hard-drive which has been replaced. Now comes the hard part of rebuilding the hard-drive. This is going to be very time consuming. Early estimates are that it will take from 8 to 72 hours because much of the data has to come from a tape backup system. We will provide an update at least once each day. Once again, this only affects BOINC users. We apologize for this inconvenience.

2006年12月23日 2:06:49 AM

Dec 23, 2006 2:09:36 AM
In addition to what bbover3 wrote above, we want to make sure our members know the following:

1) Based on what we know right now, no data has been lost. The results returned by the members are stored on network attached storage.
2) The database is also in a good state and the database will be available once the restore is complete

In the meantime when members BOINC clients complete their existing work queue they will see messages such as this when they attempt to communicate with our servers:

12/22/2006 7:59:23 PM|World Community Grid|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user
12/22/2006 7:59:23 PM|World Community Grid|(not requesting new work or reporting completed tasks)
12/22/2006 7:59:27 PM|World Community Grid|Scheduler request failed: HTTP file not found
12/22/2006 7:59:27 PM|World Community Grid|Deferring scheduler requests for 1 minutes and 0 seconds

The clients will continue to attempt communications with our servers periodically. Once we are again back in service clients will automatically return the results and complete communications.

2006年12月23日 2:09:36 AM



12/22/2006 7:59:23 PM|World Community Grid|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user
12/22/2006 7:59:23 PM|World Community Grid|(not requesting new work or reporting completed tasks)
12/22/2006 7:59:27 PM|World Community Grid|Scheduler request failed: HTTP file not found
12/22/2006 7:59:27 PM|World Community Grid|Deferring scheduler requests for 1 minutes and 0 seconds


Dec 24, 2006 2:24:31 AM
We just got the BOINC servers up and running and you should start seeing normal operation patterns at this time, Knreed is doing a few more tests and will be posting another update later. Happy Holidays!!

2006年12月24日 2:24:31 AM

Dec 24, 2006 2:38:03 AM
There were stats accumulated by users on BOINC that were not correctly imported into the website database. In a few minutes we are going to re-run the stats since the outage to correctly import these stats.

2006年12月24日 2:38:03 AM

The stats have been imported correctly now and all data is up to date.

Over the next couple days BOINC will likely send out 4th copy of workunits due to workunits that timed out during the outage. Trying to prevent this behavior would be tricky and the likelyhood of introducing a new problem would be high enough that the risk is not worth it. As a result we are going to just have to let the 4th copy go out. This behavior will be largerly limited to the next 24 hours.

We have extended the grace period for how long you are sure to get credit for work returned after the deadline. Anybody returning late work over the next few days will be able to get credit for the work they have done.

Thank you all for your patience and we apprecate your commitment to the science behind World Community Grid.

2006年12月24日 5:04:59 AM



谢谢大家的耐心,我们明白你们是World Community Grid的坚强后盾。

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发表于 2006-12-22 11:08:14 | 显示全部楼层
Dec 21, 2006
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy over 100%

There is a known issue with Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy (HCMD) version The problem is that a work unit will have over 100% completion. The problem has been identified as a checkpoint bug. If you encounter this problem please cancel these work units. A fix will be released and will be this version will be The new version is going through testing at the moment and will be release after testing has completed. HCMD will be set inactive until the fix has been released.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! (Note: If you have HCMD as your only project your agent will be paused)

To check version:
To check what version number of the science application you have please open up the grid agent by double clicking the icon in your task bar. When the agent is showing, please select the i with a circle around it to bring up graphics. When the graphics appear, you will see a version number to the left of the "Currect Project" label.

To exit work unit:
To exit this work unit you will need to go into your task manager and end the process "wcgridHCMD.exe". To open up task manager, click on the start button and select "Run...". When the window pops up, type in "taskmgr" and click "ok". This will bring up your task manager. Now select the tab for "Processes" to pull up a list of processes running on your computer. Find wcgridHCMD.exe and select it. Once you have that process highlighted select the "End Process" button. A warning will pop up and you'll need to select "yes". After this is done, the agent will automatically request a new work unit.

Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy任务过100%错误


我们对给您造成的不便表示歉意,同时感谢你耐心! (注:如果你只参加了hcmd项目,你的客户端会罢工)

检查您的科学计算程序的版本号,请您双击系统栏图标打开WCG客户端。当客户端界面出现,请我选择圈住的i图标,以打开图形界面。当图形出现,你会在"currect Project"标签的左侧看到版本号。


We have updated the code for this project to correct the problem and have resumed running it. Sorry for the disruption and please let us know if you notice anything else unusual. Thank you.


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发表于 2007-1-10 11:23:18 | 显示全部楼层
Jan 9, 2007 4:53:00 PM
2 Short Outages on BOINC coming up

We will be stopping the BOINC servers twice during the next 36 hours. During these times we will be taking steps to avoid outages like we had in late December.

The first outage will be around 17:15 UTC on Tuesday Jan 9th. It will last about 30 minutes.

The second outage will be around 17:00 UTC on Wednesday Jan 10th. It will last about 90 minutes.

2007年1月9日 4:53:00 PM


第一次停机将在星期二1月9日17时15分 UTC左右。将持续约30分钟。

第二次停机将在周三1月10日17时 UTC左右。将持续约90分钟。

Jan 9, 2007 6:23:42 PM
New Registration Process  

We have updated the Registration process for new members to simplify things and make it easier for new members to become contributors to World Community Grid.

New members now register with the site before downloading the software, and all new members will receive an email with their member name (previously this was only the case for members who chose the BOINC software).

We have also added new installation instructions for the United Devices (Windows) version of the software.

We hope that these changes will help to continue the phenomenal growth that World Community Grid has seen, and create a better experience for all members at World Community Grid.

2007年1月9日 6:23:42 PM

我们已经更新简化了新成员的注册流程,使新成员更容易加入World Community Grid。


我们还增加了新的United Devices(Windows)版软件的安装指南。

我们希望这些变化将有助于使World Community Grid继续显著增长,使大家在World Community Grid有更美好的经历。

Jan 10, 2007 2:16:45 AM
Statisics updated less frequently for a short time  

Starting Jan 10, the statistics updates will be run only at 0:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. This is a temporary reduction in the update frequency and should only last a few days.

2007年1月10日 2:16:45 AM



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发表于 2007-2-12 11:00:07 | 显示全部楼层
Human Proteome Folding Phase 2 - Released on BOINC on Windows
Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 will work differently then our other projects that we currently have running. Each computer will actually be processing different work. Please read this thread for details: http://www.worldcommunitygrid.or ... wthread?thread=9587

The way that this will specifically work on BOINC is that for each workunit we will send out 19 replicas of the workunit. Each result will actually compute different data and this data will be validated on the backend (again, please read the thread above for details). Validation will be attempted when the first 11 successful results are returned. Please note that while we will validate when the first 11 results are returned, we do need all the results back. Results that are returned after the quorum has been reached will still be used! We have code in place to ensure that the result was processed fully. Points will be awarded based upon the number of attempts that are made for each result. Thus when credit is computed, the system will compute the average points per attempt. This will be averaged for the results within the set. Then points will be awarded for each result by # attempts * average points per attempt.


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霊烏路 空 + 20 + 10


发表于 2007-2-28 09:46:50 | 显示全部楼层
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