leeyang1001 发表于 2005-5-9 15:48:35

请问为什么我在FIGHT AIDS里面不能够作为MEMBER登入?


碧城仙 发表于 2005-5-11 06:22:59


Sorry, logins are temporarily disabled. Please know that you are receiving credit for tasks completed.

Review and Update Your FightAIDS@Home Membership

Log onto the FightAIDS@Home Members' web site to see and/or update your membership and your Internet computing participation profile. At this web site, you can:
·Review statistics about what your computer(s) have done.
·Link your home page to your public name on ranked score rosters.
·Update your membership profile - things like optional email, optional public name, and other preferences.
·Join or change your Team affiliation, or even create your own Team!
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