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XtremLab is a BOINC project for measuring the free resources available on personal computers involved in large-scale distributed computing. Ultimately, these measurements will be used to improve the design and implementation of current systems, such as BOINC.

The project has been able to monitor 32,000 nodes in 18 months. From this experiment we have collected and analyzed more than 17 millions results. Our trace collection software support Linux and most Windows versions (but not Windows ME or 9*).

Our project is actually stopped and not collecting new traces. No data nor accounts have been deleted. Statistics are still being exported to statistics websites. (Your credits are still advertised) We may resume the project with a new version of the application in the future.

Access to XtremLab traces repository

Collected traces are publicly accessible here in nearly their original storage format. For this public version, we only have made the traces anonymous in order to not reveal private informations about the volunteer. No other transformation have been made.

   Access to traces in text format

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