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Dear FightAIDS@Home volunteer,

Firstly I want to thank you the support that you have given to the FightAIDS@Home project to this
point in time. Contributions of computer time from the thousands of volunteers like you have made
a significant difference in the progress of our research efforts to develop better HIV/AIDS
therapies. I also want to thank you for your patience in putting up with the less than optimal
member feedback. We have great news for all of you on this account.

FightAIDS@Home , which has been run independently by the Olson Laboratory for the past two and a
half years, is joining World Community Grid, a public computing grid with the mission of running
projects for the benefit of humanity. The current FightAIDS@Home client that was inherited from
Entropia has been less than ideal for both the FightAIDS@Home members and the Olson Laboratory.
Several features of the Entropia environment have not been functional since we took it over,and
newer versions of the AutoDock code could not be implemented in the system.

The transition to World Community Grid will improve FightAIDS@Home in important ways. First it will
provide FightAIDS@Home Members with information about their contribution to the project, including
the number of job credits you've computed and overall project statistics.It will display 3D graphical
output showing computational progress, and provide a Member forum for FightAIDS@Home discussion and
updates. The new environment will provide a maintainable and updateable environment for AutoDock and
the science run on FightAIDS@Home , and it will help increase awareness of the FightAIDS@Home project,
enabling us to run more advanced computations. Before the end of 2005 World Community Grid will support
FightAIDS@Home on Linux based systems.

World Community Grid is making technology available only to public and not-for-profit organizations
to use in humanitarian research that might otherwise not be completed due to the high cost of the
computer infrastructure required in the absence of a public grid. IBM Corporation has donated the
hardware, software, technical services and expertise to build the infrastructure for World Community
Grid and provides free hosting, maintenance and support. We are grateful that World Community Grid
has invited FightAIDS@Home to join their effort.

NOTE: Because of the benefits provided by World Community Grid for FigheAIDS@Home , we will be phasing
out our current FightAIDS@Home Entropia client by the end of the year and running solely on the World
Community Grid.

To start running FightAIDS@Home on World Community Grid, go to the updated download page on this
web site ( ), or go directly to the World Community Grid Website.
( )
Note that there is more than one humanitarian project running on the World Community Grid. The default
setting for a new member on World Community Grid is to contribute computing power to all of the projects.
You can follow instructions on the World Community Grid Member web pages to select the projects that you
want to support.

If you are currently running our old FightAIDS@Home using the Entropia client you should first
uninstall by following the directions below:

1 On your Windows Desktop, right-click the Entropia client in your system tray, and
select "Stop and Exit" from the menu. The icon should disappear from your system tray.

2 Bring up the "Control Panel" by selecting "Start" and then "Settings" and then "Control

3 Double-click on "Add/Remove Programs" from the Control Panel.

4 Select "Entropia Client" and remove it: click on "Change/Remove" and then click "Yes".
Do the same for "Entropia App0047", and any other Entropia components that you see.

Since the World Community Grid project represents a "new start" for FightAIDS@Home , and we cannot
transfer any statistics from the original Entropia-based project, we have set up a special team
called the "FAAH Originals" and invite you to join it as a long time supporter of the project.
You will be joining the members of my lab and other original contributors in rapidly building up our
team's contribution points in the new effort. Once you sign up as a member of World Community Grid
you can join the team via the World Community Grid web page.

Again, I am deeply appreciative of your past support and hope that you will stay involved and enjoy
the new benefits of FightAIDS@Home running on World Community Grid.

With thanks and best wishes,

Arthur Olson, Ph.D.

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大概意思就是说 FightAIDS@Home 要换到 IBM 公司主持的 WCG 世界公共网格计算平台上去,所以请老成员们做一些调整,这就需要下载 WCG 客户端,请参考本版块的 WCG 置顶帖,然后在参与项目设置中设置一下就可以了,这些在置顶帖中都有的。

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